2.2 Duties of Representatives

The Representatives perform very important functions within the overall structure of the Medical Library Association (MLA). For this reason, all due consideration should be given to nominating and electing a qualified individual to fill this office.

The Chapter Council Representative:

Attends all Chapter Council meetings and represents his/her chapter.

Votes on issues presented to the Council including the recognition of new chapters, candidates for MLA Nominating Committee and the election of a Chapter Council Chair, who serves on the MLA Board of Directors.

Participates in Chapter Council deliberations and responds on behalf of his/her chapter to matters which affect it.

Addresses chapter concerns to the Council and potentially, through the Council Chair, to the MLA board. The Representative also carries issues to the chapter from the Council to obtain membership response.

Implements Council decisions, and gathers information as requested.

Serves on at least one standing or ad hoc committee and may, if appointed, serve as Chair of a Chapter Council Committee.

Submits annual and midyear reports by the assigned date to the Council Chair.

Ensures the selection of a Nominating Committee nominee from his/her chapter and submits a biographical form to the elections committee by the assigned date.

Assures election of new Representatives and Alternates.

Informs chapter officers about MLA Archives Guidelines (Appendix XIII) and provides feedback to Chapter Council.

Keeps his/her Chapter officers informed of all significant business and events emanating from the Chapter Council. The Representative's report is a regular agenda item at chapter meetings.

Solicits comments and suggestions from chapter officers and members.

Submits copy for a Chapter Column in the MLA News by the assigned date.

May be a board member of the chapter he/she represents.

Keeps Alternate fully informed of all Chapter Council activities. The above responsibilities may be shared with or assigned to the Alternate.

Subscribes to the Chapter Council Listserv – mla-chapter through http://mlahq.org/mailman/listinfo/mla-chapter

Regularly monitors the Chapter Council discussions on the Council Listserv and promptly responds to requests.